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Discord Dungeon - Home of Bard Bot - Get Started

Discord Dungeon is a digital toolkit to enhance your Dungeons when playing D&D over Discord.

It primarily consists of Bard Bot: A sound effects bot that integrates with Avrae to play sounds automatically for attacks, spells, nat 20s and more. The site also has a puzzle mini-game you can drop into your dungeon and a suite of tools for customizing Bard Bot sounds. Here's some more of what Bard Bot offers.


Automatically Triggered Sounds
Bard Bot watches your text channel for Avrae messages and when you make an attack or cast a spell through Avrae the bot will automatically play the corresponding sound if it finds one.

Zero Configuration Required
Bard bot comes with dozens of built in sounds to enhance your D&D game right off the bat. Simply having it in the voice channel will fill your game with sounds.

Highly Customizable
Bard Bot supports uploading your own custom sounds and allows you to override or disable the built in sounds.

Sound Profiles
Bard Bot lets you group your sounds into profiles, and easily change what profile is active. This lets you set up different sound effects for different characters, encounters, monsters, locations and more. It also combines sounds from the active profiles of everyone in the voice channel so all your friends can benefit from your custom sounds.

Character Profiles
Bard Bot lets you separate sounds meant for everyone in your group from sounds meant for just you with character profiles. When it detects an Avrae message with a character name in it, Bard Bot will then look for an active character with that name and if it finds one check there for sounds first.

Getting Started

Ready to add Bard Bot to your game? Check out the Quick Start to get up and running quickly or head to the Introduction to read more about how Bard Bot can be used. Or if you want to see some of the above features in action check out the demo videos below.

Logging in, The Default Sound Profile, and Making and Using Custom Profiles

Uploading Custom Sounds, Initiative Events, The ~play Command, and Safe Mode