What's New

Sound Folders, Bigger Sounds, Better errors

  • Sound Folders: This allows you to organize your sound library in a logical way, making it easier to find and manage sounds. This helps if you have lots of sounds. See organizing sounds for more details. Also If you're out of space for sounds reach out to us in discord for an increase.
  • Bigger Sounds: We have increased the maximum sound size to 1MB, part of our foundational work for background music in the future. Additionally, we have added a recode to 48Kbps option to help your sounds fit under the limit.
  • Better Errors: We have improved the error message for when a sound is too large.

Keyword sound triggers, play snippets, and List command!

Now when Bard is in your voice channel you can type ~list to get a list of everyones playable user sounds! We have also added keyword sounds triggers that you can add onto the ends of your commands! !a longbow -f "play|lightning" We have also created a Snippet to use with Avrae to shorten the keyword !attack longbow play lightning Bard alias pack

Expanded audio upload support.

We now support more than just .ogg files! We will now try to convert your audio file to our required format. This will pertain to many of the most popular types of audio files (mp3, ogg, wav, etc...). Should you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Discord Channel.

Play to Discord button on sounds page

The sounds page got a major UI rework, and with it a new play to discord button. Simply join a channel with the bot, select a sound and click play to discord.

Improved Play Command Part 2

The play command now supports fuzzy matching sounds. Previously you had to match the sound name exactly, but now ~play will search for close matches and play the closest one. If there is more than one close match it will also print a list of other matches in case you actually meant one of those.

We also fixed a bug where you couldn't play new sound you'd just uploaded without having the bot leave and rejoin the voice channel.

Improved Play Command

The play command now supports a variety of new places it can pull sounds from. It now searches

  1. All sections of your active character profile
  2. All sections of the combined sound profile of everyone in the channel
  3. Names of sounds you and everyone else in the voice channel have uploaded
  4. All sections of the default profile
  5. Names of the built in sounds

in that order. You can read more on The Play Command page, which has been updated with even more detail. Enjoy :)

Add Sounds Unique to Your Character and Change Them Mid Game

This update brings several important quality of life features to the bot. Character profiles, Automatic Reloading and UI improvements.

Character Profiles allow you to have sounds unique to your character. When you run a command like !cast "fire bolt" -i which includes a name in the output, the bot will check if someone in the voice channel has a character with the same name active. If so it will use sounds from that character's profile. This means it's finally possible for two players to use greatswords and have different sounds for their weapons, as long as their characters have different names.

Automatic Reloads mean you no longer need to have the bot ~leave and re~join to pick up changes to sound profiles. Now you can switch and edit profiles as much as you want without having to worry about triggering a reload. This makes it much easier to set up different profiles for different encounters or update your weapon sounds mid fight.

The Header bar improvements are part of a larger effort to make the bot more usable. The UI has been languishing for a while now. Fortunately qqwwqqww10 is leading the charge on UI improvements. Expect to see new logos, a revamped home page, more tutorials, better usage guides and other usability improvements.

Finally the bot itself will be undergoing a bit of rebranding. In anticipation of supporting other virtual tabletops like roll20 or foundry we're moving away from the Avrae Sound Effects name. The new name will be Bard Bot. And the website will be moving off of my personal domain, onto it's own domain. We don't have all the details yet but don't be surprised when these changes start creeping in.