Creating Monster Effects

This document goes over how to set up monster battle effects to help make the most of your epic battles!

Uploading Boss Monster sounds

  1. Upload and name the custom sounds you want to use for the sound effects of the monster. For example, if you wanted to have a dragon boss battle you could name the sounds something you will easily remember later.

Sound upload page with boss monster sounds

Creating Boss profile sounds

  1. On the Sound Profiles page, navigate to the sound profile you wish to use for the monster (dragon). You can bundle your different monsters into one profile or combine them into the sound profile with your character. Using an active profile along with an active character will allow you to use two different profiles at once!
  2. There are two complementary ways for you to be able to play Monster sound effects though Bard Bot. The first way is to utilize Avrae's built in monster attacks. The second way is to create custom Bard Bot sounds.

    Attack sounds

    The first is when you utilize Avrae to role scripted monster attacks !ma "Adult Red Dragon" claw. You can get the list of available attacks using the Avrae command !monattack list "Adult Red Dragon".Avrae ARD attack list This method would require you to create a Claw sound effect in the Attacks section, note the attack names are case sensitive. You can add more attacks and spells named exactly how it is displayed by Avrae. Avrae specific monster sound profile screen

    Custom Sounds

    The Second option is to create custom sound commands by adding the sounds and unique names to them under Custom Sounds. This method allows you to add custom sounds to monsters that you couldn't get with Avrae commands. You could add wing sound effects, roars, and even quotes that you could trigger for creatures. This will allow you to run these sounds when you need them though the Bard Bot command (~play). Custom sound monster sound profile screen
  3. After you have finished adding the sound mappings you need to remember to save your changes with the profile’s Save button.

Playing sounds

  1. Now in Discord after having Bard Bot join the voice chat you can type ~play dragon bite to have the custom sound effect play! Discord example custom play command

These methods can be used for any creature or boss fight that you wish to create and give sounds to, giving new life to your digital encounters! If you are interested in expanding your boss fight further you could consider some of these ideas to power up your boss encounters here.