The Play Command

The play command lets you trigger exactly the sound you want, exactly when you want it. It pulls sounds from a bunch of different places, giving you lots of flexibility on how you set them up.

This article explains where sounds are pulled from and the order of precedence those places have in case of name collisions. It explains where to put your sounds and shows you how to set up Custom Sounds using the dedicated section of the sound profile.

Where are my sounds coming from?

The play command will search for sounds in the following order

  1. Your active character's profile
  2. The combined profiles of everyone in the same discord voice channel as you
  3. The combined set of custom sounds uploaded by everyone in the discord voice channel
  4. The default sound profile
  5. The built in sounds

Name collisions between different user's sounds and rules in their sound profiles are resolved alphabetically by discord user name, z's have the highest precedence.

Precedence within a profile

The sounds in a profile are searched in this order

  1. The Custom Sounds section
  2. The attack rules section
  3. The spell rules section

Where should I put my sounds?

The custom sounds section has the highest priority when loading custom sounds. This makes it the best spot to put sounds so they don't get overwritten. Unlike other sections of the profile, the Custom Sounds section exists soley for the ~play command. It is not used for Avrae commands.

If you want the sounds to only be available to you, put them in your active character profile. If you want them to be available to everyone, put them in your active profile.

So how do I set up one of these profiles?

Setting up a profile takes three steps. They largely overlap with other parts of the docs so we reference those sections when possible.

  1. Creating a profile
  2. Uploading a custom sound
  3. Adding a rule to the customs section

This tutorial assumes you've already invited the bot to your server but that's about it. It is somewhat redundant with the Adding or Changing Bard Bot Sounds page so instead of repeating that content it will reference it instead.

Creating a Profile

In order to play your custom sounds you need to add rules to a sound profile. The Adding or Changing Bard Bot Sounds page has instructions on how to do that right in the first section. Look for the Creating a Custom Profile header.

Uploading a Custom Sound

Next you will need sounds to play. You can of course play any of the built in sounds, but if you want your own the Adding or Changing Bard Bot Sounds page has instructions on how to upload your own. Look for the Uploading a Sound header.

Adding a Rule to the Custom Sounds Section

In order to play your new sounds with the ~play command you need a rule in the Custom Sounds section of your sound profile. Click the arrow on the Custom Sounds section of your profile to open it.

Custom sounds expand button

Next we need to add a trigger name we can enter to play the sound. Perhaps we want to be able to 'punch' without actually rolling an attack. So let's add a rule for that.

Add punch trigger to profile

Then simply click the plus button to add the rule.

Add sound rule

And lastly we need to click the save button.

Save Profile

Now we're all set. You can now enter ~play punch to trigger the punching noise whenever you want.