Using Character Profiles

Using Characters to Stand Out

Playing with another wizard and want your fireball stand out? Want to taunt like a swashbuckler as you slice up your foes? Wish you could talk like Samuel L. Jackson? Character profiles make your character's actions distinct from everyone else in your game, be they players or NPC's. This article starts by showing you how to set up a character profile, then discusses ideas which you can use as inspiration to make your character truly your own!

Setting up your Character can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Creating a Custom Sound Profile for your Character.
  2. Creating your Character.
  3. Assigning your Custom Sounds to your Character Profile.

We will only be covering Steps 2 and 3 in this guide as the guide to Custom Profiles covers step 1. We recommend that you read that guide before this one if you are unsure how.

Step 2

  1. Navigate to the sound profiles page. If you can't find this page, check out the Guide to Custom Profiles for help.
  2. Scroll down to the section beneath the “Characters” header and type your character's name into the “My Avrae Character” box. Note, for Avrae commands the character name is case sensative to the Avrae displayed name. (See picture below) Character name creation
  3. Once you've typed your Character Name into the box, click the blue “NEW” button next to the box.
  4. Now, select the custom profile that you've created for your character from the custom profiles drop down menu, as shown in the picture below. Created character picture

Finally, to use your Character Profile, make sure to check the active box to the left of your Character's Name, as shown below! Activating a character

Now that you know the mechanics, let's talk about some creative ways that you can utilize characters to express yourself and roleplay your character the way that you want to!

Pimp Your Character - Cool Ways to Use Character Profiles

Character profiles give your specific character a unique sound file for each action that they can take. This means that you can record unique flavor text, catch phrases, or taunts and add them to the sound files that you want to use. Some ideas that we came up with include:

  1. Custom Battle Cries for Barbarian's Rage
  2. Unique taunts for your Lore Bard's Cutting Words
  3. Unique chants or prayer for your cleric or warlock to call their patron
  4. Drinking noises for an alcoholic character
  5. Munching noises for a gluttonous character
  6. Clanking noises for your character's armor
  7. A talking bird for your pirate character
  8. Animal noises for your druid or beast master ranger's animal companion
  9. The voice of your wizard's talking hat
  10. Thunk noises from your rogue's spontaneous knife throwing practice.

You can also add flair to your experience in other ways like giving your dramatic character music which plays whenever he swings his sword? If you're feeling really adventurous you can try making more complex clips With an open-source audio editing software like Ardour, you can edit your sound files and include any music or audio you want. Do you want your character to sound like a badass? How about Samuel L. Jackson? With SV2TTS check it out here! For Github click here. You can take some clips of him saying iconic lines, and using this tool, have your character say virtually anything using his voice. Alternatively, you can record yourself grunting as if you were injured and then have your character make realistic yelps of pain when you take damage.