Disabling Bard Bot Sounds

This tutorial will explain how to disable default sounds in Discord Dungeon by creating a custom profile. It assumes you have already invited the bot into a server and have a character set up in Avrae. If you haven't invited the bot yet follow the steps in the quick start first. For help getting started with Avrae see their website.

In order to disable a sound you use a custom profile with a disable rule. To do so there are three steps: Create the profile, Add the rule, and save the profile.

Creating a profile

Creating a profile is already covered on the Adding or Changing Bard Bot Sounds page. Look for the section called Creating a Custom Profile.

Add a Rule

To disable a sound we need to add a rule that overrides it, then change that rule type to a disable rule. For example if we wanted to disable the sound effect for the Eldritch Blast spell we would start by adding a rule for Eldritch Blast to our profile. It doesn't matter what you set the sound to for now, we're going to change it in a minute.

Add Sound Rule

Next we need to turn the rule into a disable rule. We do that by clicking the disable button.

Toggle Rule Type

Save the profile

The final step is to save our changes. Click that Save button in the upper right hand corner of the expanded profile.

Save Button

And just like that we've turned off the Eldritch Blast sound.