Adding or Changing Bard Bot Sounds

Custom Profiles give you the freedom to choose the sounds that you want the bot to play during your games – making you the master of your own (fictional) destiny. The process can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Creating a custom sound profile
  2. Uploading your personal sounds
  3. Mapping your sounds to your custom profile

This tutorial assumes you have already invited the bot into a server and have a character set up in Avrae. If you haven't invited the bot yet follow the steps in the quick start first. For help getting started with Avrae see their website.

Creating a Custom Profile

First, sign into the Discord Dungeon website if you haven't already.

Click the Sound Profiles button along the top bar to navigate to the sound profiles page.

Top nav bar with sound profiles menu button highlighted

Alternatively you can click hamburger menu (the three bars) in the upper left hand corner to open the sidebar and select sound profiles from there.

Create the Profile

On that page look for the "Custom Profiles" header. Under the description you should find a text box where you can name your profile and a new button to create it. New profile creation

Verify Creation was Successful

After you've filled in a name like My New Profile click the New button and you should see a new row for your profile appear under the custom profiles section. New profile created

Mark the Profile Active

Now that we have a profile, we need to tell Bard Bot to use it. To do that we check the active box next to the expansion arrow. profile marked active

Marking the profile active means it will be merged into the channel wide profile and used to provide sounds for all Bard Bot sounds while you're in the voice channel. If two users override the same rule then one of them will be used based on the order of precedence. See the Sound Precedence section for more details on how sounds are resolved.

Uploading a Sound

Now that we have an active profile we need to upload some sounds. For this tutorial we will be overriding the sound made by an Unarmed Strike with this one. Click the link to download it and follow along or use your own sound instead.

Click the Sounds button along the top nav bar in order to open the sounds page.

Nav Bar with Sounds Button highlighted

Alternatively you can open the left nav bar by clicking the hamburger (three bar icon) and selecting sounds from the menu.

Upload your Sound

On the sounds page you press the plus button near the top of the page to open the upload modal.

New sound button plus symbol

In the modal, enter a name for your sound in the text box. For this tutorial we will be using Thump.

New sound menu with sound name field highlighted

Next click the Choose File button in order to select the file you want to upload. Find the sound you downloaded earlier and select it. If the sound you have is not already in ogg format you can use the conversion tool linked on the sounds page to convert it into the correct format.

New sound menu with browse button highlighted

Lastly click the blue upload button. The new sound should appear in the list below the sound creation form.

New sound menu with upload button highlighted and a new sound in the list

Overriding a Sound

Now that we have a sound uploaded we can create a rule that uses it. Start by navigating back to the sound profiles page and locating the profile you created earlier.

Expanding the Profile

Start by clicking the arrow to the left of the Active checkbox to expand the sound profile.

Expand custom profile button

The profile will open up to reveal the different subsections.

sound profile sections

At the time of this writing there are 7 sections, each one contains rules for different types of events that can trigger sounds.

  1. Attacks: Rules for what sound a weapon makes
  2. Spells: Rules for what sound a spell makes
  3. Attack Rolls: Rules for what sound rolling a certain number on an attack makes.
  4. Ability Check Rolls: Rules for what sound rolling a certain number on an ability check makes.
  5. Saving Throw Rolls: Rules for what sound rolling a certain number on a saving throw makes.
  6. Initiative: Rules for starting, joining and ending Initiative
  7. Custom Sounds: Rules for sounds that can be played with the ~play command

Adding a Rule

Since unarmed strike's are an attack we need to add a rule for it to the attacks section of our custom profile. Click the arrow on the attacks section to expand it.

open attack rules button

Next we need to copy the attack name exactly as Avrae outputs it. The easiest way is to copy it from a discord message. Unarmed strike discord message

And paste it into the attack name box. Attack Name pasted from discord message

Then we need to pick the sound we want from the dropdown menu. New sounds are added to the bottom of the list and after a refresh are sorted alphabetically. sound select dropdown

And click the create sound rule button. Note: Sound profiles are not saved automatically. You need to click the save button on the top right of the profile in order to save your changes. See the next section for more details.

create rule button

Saving the profile

Lastly we need to save the profile. Click the save button in the upper right of the profile.

save button pressed

You should see a blue checkmark appear next to the button and slowly fade out. And that's it. Now when you're in a voice channel and someone uses an Unarmed Strike your new sound effect will be played.

Note: Previously if the bot was in a voice channel and you updated the profile the changes would not be picked up until a reload was triggered. This is no longer the case, Profile Reloads are triggered automatically when profiles are saved.

Tip: If for some reason you think your profile isn't being reloaded correctly you can still trigger a manual reload by having the bot leave and rejoin.


This guide covered how to customize Bard Bot sounds using the Discord Dungeon companion site. We created a profile, activated it, uploaded a sound, and added a rule for unarmed strikes. Those steps form the core of sound customization in Discord Dungeon.

You are now equipped to build unique characters, exciting encounters and immersive worlds with the power of sound effects. If you're looking for more ideas on how to maximize you use of Bard Bot check out our guides on character building, encounter building, and environment building.