Discord Dungeon is a toolkit for enhancing Dungeons when playing D&D over Discord. It primarily consists of Bard Bot, a sound effects bot that integrates with Avrae to automatically play sounds for weapons, spells, Nat 20s and more.

Bard Bot has built in sounds for dozens of weapons and spells already. And the companion site allows you to customize the sounds to your liking. Ready to get started?

Quick Start

Follow the Quick Start to get set up in less than five minutes. You'll learn how to add the bot to your server, have it join a voice channel and how to trigger the built in sounds.

Feature Demos

These videos cover the basic features available in Bard Bot. The first one is a bit dated but they give you a general idea of what the bot can do.

  1. Logging in, The Default Sound Profile, and Making and Using Custom Profiles
  2. Uploading Custom Sounds, Initiative Events, The ~play Command, and Safe Mode

Learning the Basics

Once you've got the bot set up you're ready to customize your game. The basic usage section has guides on how to use the basic features of the website to configure the sounds to your liking.

Maximizing Sound Effects

Looking for ideas on how to use more sound effects in your game? The scenarios section has you covered. With walk throughs on how you might set up sounds for your character, basic encounters, and even boss fights, it's chock-full of ideas you can steal for your own game.